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Using Technology To Get You Healthier

Changing your diet and doing more exercise are the two best ways to lose weight. But, that doesn't mean that you can't take advantage of technology to help you lose the kilos. From activity trackers to the latest in exercise equipment, my blog is all about how best to use technology to take your weight loss efforts to a new level. There are so many apps, devices and techniques which target weight loss, the choice of where to begin is overwhelming. But, my blog posts will make all the techno mumbo-jumbo easier to understand, so you can decide how to make technology work best for you.


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Are You Ready to Try an Alternative Approach to Pain Relief?

If you've sustained an injury due to some overenthusiastic time at the gym or a challenging day on the sports pitch, you may be suffering the consequences. You may have torn your rotator cuff, for example, and can barely move let alone resume normal activity. In this case, you may have tried conventional medicine but want to try something different in order to keep your options open. Why should you place your trust in a practitioner who believes in an alternative approach such as dry needling?

Dry Needling Therapy

It can often be difficult to get to the root of the problem when it comes to complex muscle and tissue injuries. Sometimes a conventional approach will not work while an alternative solution will be perfectly valid. For this reason, why not consider dry needling therapy, which is little heard of, but nonetheless effective?

If you visit a professional who is skilled at this practice, you may be amazed at what they're able to achieve with minimal intervention. Certainly, some people do not like the idea of a needle in any shape or form, but in this case, the needle is used for information purposes. It will be gently inserted into the skin at specific points during the procedure.

Providing Information

The needle does not contain any medication or substance of any kind and is not intended to introduce material to try and "fix" the issue. Rather, each needle is dry and is inserted in order to elicit a certain type of reaction from the patient. In other words, the practitioner will be on the lookout for this reaction as they gently insert the needle into a problem area. Your body will elicit a natural response or twitch when the needle is in or around a problem area, and the practitioner will then use their skilled hands to stimulate and coax the muscle and tissue in that general area.


There is no need to worry about any pain associated with this type of procedure. Most people will only feel a slight prick which will go away very quickly, and, don't forget, the practitioner is very skilled at their job and is going to be very selective with their application.

Giving it a Go

If you are fed up with being in pain all the time and want to try a different solution, talk with your provider about dry needling therapy.