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Using Technology To Get You Healthier

Changing your diet and doing more exercise are the two best ways to lose weight. But, that doesn't mean that you can't take advantage of technology to help you lose the kilos. From activity trackers to the latest in exercise equipment, my blog is all about how best to use technology to take your weight loss efforts to a new level. There are so many apps, devices and techniques which target weight loss, the choice of where to begin is overwhelming. But, my blog posts will make all the techno mumbo-jumbo easier to understand, so you can decide how to make technology work best for you.


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When Spinning Becomes Too Much of a Good Thing

Spin bikes are all the rage and one of Australia's most popular group exercise activities. You may have come across this phenomenon in recent times and may have decided to go all out during regular classes in order to improve your overall health. Yet, you should proceed with an element of caution as injuries can occur and these are all too often caused by poor techniques or wrong preparation. What should you think about before you next jump on that bike?

Getting Lost in the Moment

Spinning is undoubtedly popular as it is so easy for you to participate in such an exciting group environment. You want to keep up with everyone else and feel those endorphins flow while you ride as vigorously as possible in time with the music.


Unfortunately, some people fail to prepare correctly and adjust the bike for their own requirements. They may also use poor "form", and before you know it, they open themselves up for certain injuries.

Focusing on Preparation

Whenever you ride a bike, whether it is a stationary machine or not, you need to apply the correct technique. To begin with, you must make sure that the saddle is properly adjusted based on your own measurements, so you can move your legs, knees and lower back without too much discomfort. You should also pull the handlebars inward or outward, so you don't have to reach out or slump back when you are in motion.

Wrong Footwear

Furthermore, make sure that you wear the correct shoes and ideally a pair that have been designed for exercise. If you don't, you could develop numbness caused by restriction, leading to other problems throughout the body.

Injuries Ahead

Remember, poor preparation can lead to ongoing issues and pain that could develop after the fact. You could hyperextend certain muscles and find it difficult to go about your everyday life, which would certainly detract from your exercise objective in the first place.

Consequences of Overenthusiasm?

Unfortunately, some people learn the hard way, and they may even let their enthusiasm get the better of them. So, if you have some significant aches and pains or more serious symptoms following a lively spinning session or two, get in touch with your neighbourhood physio. They will be familiar with this type of injury and can recommend treatment, and may also help you make adjustments, so your future efforts will be more productive.