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Using Technology To Get You Healthier

Changing your diet and doing more exercise are the two best ways to lose weight. But, that doesn't mean that you can't take advantage of technology to help you lose the kilos. From activity trackers to the latest in exercise equipment, my blog is all about how best to use technology to take your weight loss efforts to a new level. There are so many apps, devices and techniques which target weight loss, the choice of where to begin is overwhelming. But, my blog posts will make all the techno mumbo-jumbo easier to understand, so you can decide how to make technology work best for you.


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3 Careers Where First Aid Training May Improve Your Resume

'HLTAID003 provide first aid' is a course where you learn about first aid response tactics. Generally, this course involves two days in a classroom or one day in the classroom coupled with some online studying, and during that time, you learn how to handle a range of situations. If you are thinking about a career in any of the following industries, you may want to take this course and add it to your resume.

Child Care Professional

If you are looking for work as a primary teacher, as an attendant at a child care centre or even as a private nanny, you may want to consider this course or a similar first aid course. You can learn about how to care for wounds that occur on the playground. You can also learn to deal with allergic reactions, which is essential as life-threatening childhood allergies are on the rise, particularly in certain communities.

Nursing Home or Residential Care Professional

This course actually used to be called "apply first aid or senior first aid", and the curriculum still contains information that directly relates to taking care of seniors in an emergency. For instance, if you are trying to get a job at an assisted living facility where the seniors have their own kitchens, you can use the information you learn about treating burns.

Similarly, many dementia patients tend to develop problems with swallowing, and the information you learn about choking and airway obstruction can be essential in these situations.

Factory or Construction Site Worker

Factories and building sites can be full of potentially dangerous conditions, chemicals and machines. If you bolster your resume with first aid training, you may catch the eye of a hiring manager. With your first aid training, you can respond if someone has fallen off a piece of equipment or been crushed by falling equipment. You can also help people who have contracted burns or scalds from chemicals, and you can deal with a range of other situations from strokes to seizures.

Essentially with first aid training, you help to treat an stabilise the individual involved until the emergency services professionals arrive. This training is a requirement for many careers, but even in cases where it isn't a requirement, this information can be invaluable. You may also want to take this training just so you can help your own family or friends as needed. To learn more, contact a facility that offers first aid training.